With hundreds of listings under our belt, we know how to maximize our time! This results in better photos, delivered quickly so that you can get that listing posted ASAP!

About Us

Boom Media has been growing and evolving to meet the needs of realtors in the Alaska area. We are in the business of creating cost-effective ways to give you flashy, eye-catching marketing material.

Package Price Guide

Providing images for listings from Willow to Anchorage. For properties larger than 2500 sq/ft, add an additional $50 per 500 sq/ft

Condos/small properties

1000 sq/ft or less

  • 30+ high quality images
  • 1 hr on site - 48 hr max turnaround time
  • Digital delivery
Mid-sized Properties

Up to 1500 Sq/ft

  • 35+ high quality images
  • 1 hr on site - 48 hr max turnaround time
  • Digital delivery
Mid/Large Properties

Up to 2500 sq/ft

  • 40+ high quality images
  • 1 hr onsite - 48 hr max turnaround time
  • Digital delivery
For premium listings

Royal Package

  • 30+ high quality images
  • Aerial Photos/Video
  • Professionally edited video

Drone Add on

  • 7 Edited Still Aerial Photos
  • Raw Video Clips

Zillow Video Add On

  • Stabilized walk-through on your Zillow Listing
  • Boost your Zillow listing with this perk!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What technique do you use?

Interiors are shot using a combination of existing lighting/ambience and flash. A series of pictures will then be combined to create an evenly-lit, colorful image. We shoot using wide-angle in order to encompass as much information in an image as possible. Exteriors are often HDR

How do you handle payment?

All payment is handled through a secure online payment program called Square. You will receive a digital invoice that can be paid using your credit card!

When do I provide payment?

Since the services are quick-turnaround, the payment is expected promptly as well. We provide 72 hrs after services rendered.

How should we prepare?

The cleaner, the better! Since the service is quick turnaround, every moment spent on location is precious. Unfortunately, if time is spent moving items and organizing while the photographer is on-site, that will cut into your shoot time and may result in less-than-stellar images!

How much do you “alter” an image?

We do not dramatically alter a property! We are willing, however, to do our best to use what is available to make the home look as inviting as possible.

Contact Us

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